Headache Roll-on relief

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This is an all-natural headache-fighting little roll-on bottle that can easily fit in your wallet/purse. The essential oils used in this blend have been scientifically proven to be effective against headaches:

Lavender - has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties and is particularly good at alleviating a headache at the end of a long dayRosemary - has been known as a natural migraine treatment for centuries in Europe and China. It works on the central nervous system to treat muscle pain and improve circulation.

Peppermint - contains a significant amount of menthol which can help relax and ease tension headaches and muscular aches and pains

Chamomile - is known to be a mild sedative, able to relieve pain and muscle stiffness.

The bottle contains 15mls of this fantastic synergy blend of essential oils in a base of sweet almond oil.  The oil is moisturizing without leaving a heavy oily residue on your skin. 

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