Aimee Jean from 'My Style Anthology,'  reviewed the headache roll-on and she had some glowing praise for this new product:

Do you suffer from headaches? If your answer is yes, then boy do I have the product for you!! If you are anything like me, then getting a headache is a nuisance and interferes with my day; it affects my ability to think and function properly. Previously I have always (albeit reluctantly) reached for over-the-counter pain medication as my go-to solution for relief. These days are now gone. The Candescent Headache Roll is now the only product that I turn to when I need quick, natural relief from a painful headache.

The Headache Roll is made from all natural ingredients and include essential oils such as Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint and Chamomile, that work together in unison to tackle your head pain. The oils contain natural sedative properties and anti-inflamatories that help relax the body and ease tension. I was a little bit wary of what the Headache Roll would smell like, as many medicinal products work well to treat pain but do not smell very nice. Candescent has really worked on ensuring that you get the best of both worlds - a product that actually works to really target pain, but also has a divine scent.

I can sometimes get painful headaches through my forehead and particularly at the base of my skull where my neck and head meet. I have found that gently massaging this oil into these areas for about 30 seconds dramatically relieves the strength of the tension and pain, and also has a strong calming effect within only a matter of minutes. WOW! 

When I received this product in the post I was so excited to try it that I actually massaged it into my temples despite not having a headache at the time. Within seconds my head felt more focused, and it was almost as though the fog had cleared and I could now think more clearly. During my University examination period where I needed to have a strong focus and a clear mind, this was my go-to product. 

The Headache Roll is the perfect size for keeping in your handbag while on-the-go and is a must-have in everyone's home medicine cabinet. The oil is contained in a 15ml bottle with an easy to apply roller top. You simply unscrew the cap, roll it onto your temples or the affected area, massage gently for about 30 seconds and then ta-da your tension and pain should almost instantaneously be reduced and your headache gone. No more pills and potions, and no more ingesting potentially harmful products! 

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