Depositphotos 3267661 XLWhy Soy?

Natural:  Soy wax is a processed form of soy bean oil, created after the soy beans are harvested, cleaned and the hulls removed. It contains the purest ingredients and is non GM and Kosher.

Cost-effective:  Soy candles can burn for twice as long as paraffin candles.

Eco-friendly:  Soy wax is biodegradable, from a renewable resource. Our glass containers can be easily cleaned out in warm soapy water and recycled or reused.

Clean-burning:  Soy candles do not emit any toxic/carcinogenic chemicals (unlike paraffin) and will not leave wax stains on furniture or soot residue on the ceiling.

Cooler-burning:  The burn temperature of soy wax is much lower, meaning that it is the best wax for use in aromatherapy.

Incredible scent:  Soy candles have a great fragrance throw and smell gorgeous even when not lit!

Welcome to Candescent

Candescent candles are lovingly hand-poured in Auckland, New Zealand using 100% natural soy wax.  We select only top-quality candle glassware, wax and fragrances to create our beautiful candles because we are passionate about bringing you the best. Our candles are wonderfully luxurious, elegantly designed and will provide hours of pure bliss and relaxation.  Best of all, they are completely free of harmful toxins and candle additives! 

Love your products, especially the soy melts. The organic chai tea fills our home with an amazing perfume.
Jocelyn Jackson
Thank you so much, candle is amazing my whole house smells amazing, will be ordering more for sure! Many thanks for the beautiful candle, it smells divine! :-)
The absolutely divine Hazelnut & Vanilla Candle arrived today. Thanks. It is quite possibly the best thing I've ever smelt! Very much looking forward to burning it.
I received the fruit slices soy melts and the coconut lime candle. Wow, absolutely beautiful. My daughter can't get enough of the beautiful scent. Wonderful gifts, and just that little extra special treat for your self. I highly recommend Candescent, and thank you.
I have tried other products and Candescent melts and candles blow the rest away for fragrance throw. The baked apple pie smells truly like homemade pie with hints of brown sugar, its wonderful.
Got the melts and candles today and I am SO PLEASED!! They are beautiful. The packaging is stunning and the candle glass and tops are lovely. I am using the melts just now and they smell amazing. I will be recommending them to other people and buying more for gifts. Thank you so much..
Absolutely love your candles and melts. Back for more!!
Jocelyn Jackson
For the past few weeks I have been using a Candescent wax melt in the fabulously elegant scent of Bamboo and White Lily. The melt has filled my bedroom with such a beautiful fragrance, I cannot get enough if it! I am so impressed with my soy wax melt and I am now really keen to try other Candescent products.
Miss Aimee Jean My Style Anthology
arrived today...and super big thanks for the xtra wee gift - it smells gorgeous!!!
LOVE the soy melt candle! The smell is divine, it just fills the room. So much easier than mucking around with my essential oil burner! Thank you!
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